Inner city blues (and greens and reds and yellows)

Hey internet, meet Richard Tetrault.

Community Walls/Community Voices spans 500 feet of Commercial Drive

Community Walls/Community Voices spans 500 feet of Commercial Drive

Tetrault is a painter, printmaker and muralist who has worked in the Downtown Eastside for more than thirty years. Like me, he digs public art. Unlike me, he is an incredibly skilled artist and has painted on some prominent buildings in places like Traxcala Mexico, Oakland California, and Tucuman Argentina.

(Coincidentally, he also contributed to an enormous mural in my hometown).

While having painted on a couple different continents, Tetrault is best known for community works in the heart of Vancouver. Several local community centres, schools and unowned stretches of concrete now tell stories about the city’s history, thanks in part to this devoted public artist.

On his website, Tetrault explains his affinity for outdoor art: “Public murals directly influence the physical texture of the street. My mural projects are a reflection of city streets and life, as well as of the creative spirit of the community.”

To put it simply, he’s super passionate about what he does.

And it shows. Currently, Tetrault is working on no less than four mural projects around the Downtown Eastside, including two massive collaborative pieces at Russian Hall and Britannia Community Centre.

All four projects are scheduled to hit the concrete this summer.

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