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Following a Paper Trail

Sorry about that whole unannounced three-week hiatus thing.

With the ever-stressful combination of final assignments, Ontario visits and a brand new apartment I thought I may never live to see the month of May—but here it is! In case you’re curious, I’m staying here in Vancouver for the summer, writing for both Megaphone and Adbusters. Despite my recent neglect, I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my weird little corner of the internet.

In other news, there’s an art show opening tonight at the Atsui Gallery located at 602 East Hastings. It is called Paper Trail: Serial Material, and it will be throwing all traditional notions of gallery practices to the wind, and instead presenting a whole bunch of fun but simple DIY treasures.

From party posters to zines to homemade tit pins, the exhibition has a distinct lo-fi alternative vibe, and should prove to be good times all around. The show begins tonight at 8 pm and runs until May 30th. Check out for the full list of details.


What’s in a zine?

It’s tough getting your ideas immortalized in print.

Between heavy-handed editors, corporate publishers, and uncertain distribution (not to mention a less-than-booming economy) sharing the printed word has become an uphill battle for even the most affluent authors.

But while media monoliths like Time Warner continue to disseminate People Magazine by the truckload—reaching a weekly circulation of 3.75 million—on the opposite end of the spectrum there are zines. Often armed with some paper, a stapler, and a public photocopier, zine makers (affectionately known as zinesters) publish tales from the fringes, often reaching the eyes of less than 100 viewers.

Yes, zines have contributed to unique small-scale conversations in the Downtown Eastside and around the world without the help of glossy stock, colour ink or even a functioning typewriter in some cases. And while the zine phenomenon isn’t exactly cutting-edge in 2009, it is new to the Vancouver Public Library catalogue.

More than 500 local and international zines are now available at the Vancouver Public Library.

More than 500 local and international zines are now available at the Vancouver Public Library.

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